Cairns Didgeridoos
Cairns Didgeridoos
Australian made Didgeridoos

Manufacturing Australian Didgeridoos

Cairns Didgeridoos make didgeridoos the traditional way. This is done by carefully selecting the right tree. The trees are Australian hardwood including, Red Stringy Bark, Eucalyptus Box and yellow box. The centre of the trees have been naturally hollowed out by termites. 

The tree is then cut to size depending on the size and note required for the didgeridoo. The inside of the didgeridoo is then cleaned, and any timber flakes are removed. The outside of the didgeridoo is cleaned and sanded to make it smooth.

The didgeridoo is then painted or burned and varnished to protect the timber and give a smooth finish. Natural bee's wax is used for the mouth piece. Our didgeridoos are made using traditional Aboriginal methods and are made from Australian timber. All artwork and manufacturing processes are done in Australia. Cairns Didgeridoos can custom make any design of didgeridoo for you.

Our workshop is situated in Carins Far North Queensland handles the wholesale side of the business as well as supplying to Cairns Didgiregdoos.

We have 5 people in our production team and 7 artists. Once the production team have finished the didgeridoo, it is then given to one of our reknowned artists so that a work of art can be produced. We also produce all of our own artifacts such as boomerangs and clapsticks, so you are assured 100% authentic art.
Cairns Didgeridoos

All of our Didgeridoos are made right at our workshop by local Aboriginals. There are many stages incorporated when making a Didgeridoo right from picking the Eucalyptus log to barking, chipping and sanding of different stages. All of these stages are important to ensure that you receive a perfect musical instrument for you to treasure for many years to come.

Authentic Aboriginal Products Authentic Aboriginal Products

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