Cairns Didgeridoos
Cairns Didgeridoos
Australian made Didgeridoos

How to Use a Boomerang

Boomerang instructions:
1.Hold the boomerang towards you, the key to successful throwing is to impart considerable spin.
This is done by holding no more than 3-4 cms with the index finger hooked around the tip. Now, holding the boomerang firmly, let the wrist fall back .
2.Face approximately 45 degrees to the right of any oncoming breeze, no matter how slight. For learners, boomerang throwing is not recommended in strong wind.
3.Lean the boomerang over 30 degrees outwards and throw on this angle.
4.Now give a quick throw flicking the wrist as when you throw a ball. This gives the spin that is necessary to make the boomerang fly. Aim slightly up.
5.As you become better at throwing, you may wish to catch your boomerang. Do this by clapping it between both hands as it comes to you.
6.If you first aim in a certain direction and always stand in the same spot, and if the first throw goes to big and lands behind you, then the next throw you just go in a little from the first throw to make the flight path smaller.

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