Cairns Didgeridoos
Cairns Didgeridoos
Australian made Didgeridoos

Cairns Didgeridoos Payments and Deliveries


The following payment methods may be used for online purchases:
  • Standard Credit Card arrangements. This site is a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) site that guarantees the highest level of security, so your credit card details and your transaction details are secure. Under no circumstances should you provide your credit card details on the Internet, other than within such a site which is clearly marked with a golden padlock emblem. Never Email your credit card details.
  • Bank Transfers to an account nominated by your retailer. This system is used mostly when the amount to be paid exceeds the limit that may be placed on credit card transactions or when the credit card facility payment has been denied by the relevant financial institution.

  • Deliveries

    Deliveries will be made:
  • To the address nominated on the online order form
  • After payment of the full amount of the delivery charge on the order form
  • In the event of a split delivery due to one or more items being out-of-stock, we will contact you to ascertain what you wish us to do
  • In case of non-delivery, please contact us so that we may check despatch details on your behalf

  • Cairns Didgeridoos uses DHL for all deliveries world wide.

    To view details and tracking please please go to

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