Cairns Didgeridoos
Cairns Didgeridoos
Australian made Didgeridoos

Cairns Didgeridoos

Cairns Didgeridoos only sells genuine Aboriginal and Torres Stright Islands artifacts. All of our artifacts are made in Australia using Australian materials.

Cairns Didgeridoos at the Cairns Night Markets is nestled right in the heart of Cairns where the Rainforest meets the Reef in Tropical North Queensland. Authenticity of products and customer satisfaction is our concern so all of our products are made and painted by local Aboriginals.

Some of our Indigenous Artists include Collette Archer and Justin Doolah from the KuKu Dungan Tribe, Marnie and Natalie Peckham from the Wiradjuri Tribe and Lorna Broome from the Cookanaligi Tribe.

And this is just to name a few...
Having a number of Artists from different tribal backgrounds allows us to get a variety of styles in our artwork in turn giving our customers more variety.

Cairns Didgeridoos is owned and operated by Karen and Glenn Geerlings.

We control the process from cutting of the logs in the bush of Far North Queensland, through to manufacturing. A lot of experience and traditional expertise allows the team at Cairns Didgeridoos to choose the Eucalyptus tree with the best age and density for your perfect musical instrument.

Cairns Didgeridoos uses an International Shipping company which means that we can send your didgeridoo home for you, right to your front door. Purchasing your didge at Cairns Didgeridoos also has the added bonus of being able to personalize your didge by picking what you would like painted or burnt onto it. This makes your didge just that little bit more special.

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